About Motor-Sport.uk

Motor-Sport.uk came about when the owner of four car Facebook pages decided to launch a website to compliment the pages on Facebook.

That owner is me, Matt, mid forties, lifelong motorsport enthusiast and a keen competitor over the years in many forms of motorsport, including hill climbs, sprints and road rallies.

I started the Facebook pages started back in 2013, as a way of highlighting interesting cars for sale on Ebay. They have grown massively since the early days. They now host tens of thousands of car and motorsport enthusiasts who interact daily.

Now with the introduction of this website I’m looking to start posting more regular motorsport news, reviews, photos and videos. That will include posting up many of my motorsport photos and videos I have taken over the years. Everything from Wales Rally GB, down to club motorsport. I think its going to be keeping me busy!

This is the new Facebook page for this website, a place to keep up to date with the latest motorsport news, photos and videos.

These are the 4 original Facebook pages below, and if you havent already, you can give them a like or follow to stay updated on the latest cars for sale!

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